Getting to Innovation Works

Transportation & Parking

Innovation Works, a program of Pillar Nonprofit Network,  is London’s No. 1 Coworking space situated in the heart of downtown London. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering a sustainable future, we encourage our guests to consider various transportation options. 

Our central location in the heart of the city offers numerous accessible and eco-friendly ways to reach us, including convenient parking for those who need to drive. 

By choosing biking, public transit, or other sustainable methods when possible, you help us support climate-friendly practices and rethink urban mobility. Here are some convenient and environmentally conscious options to get to our space.

Bike Parking

Pillar is one of London Cycle Link's Bike-Friendly Businesses with indoor bicycle parking for co-working members and guests, accessed through the accessibility ramp on the west side of the building. (Guests will have to request access at the Welcome Desk.)

Additional options nearby include:

  • Outdoor bike racks located on sidewalks at the Northeast/Southwest corners of King and Clarence
  • Citi Plaza parking garage  
  • Covent Garden Market underground parking garage down the ramp at the King St entrance where there are bike racks and secure bike lockers.

Our Downtown Central Location is Accessible by Several Bus Routes!

  • 2/102 Natural Science to Trafalgar Heights
  • 3 Downtown to Fairmont 
  • 4/104 Rideout & Grand to Fanshawe College 
  • 6/106 Richmond Parkview to Natural Science 
  • 7 Downtown to Argyle Mall 
  • 9 Downtown to Whitehills 
  • 12 Downtown to Wharncliffe & Wonderland 
  • 13 White Oaks Mall to Masonville Place 
  • 19 Downtown to Hyde Park Power Centre 
  • 20 Fanshawe College to BeaverBrook 
  • 21 Downtown to Huron Heights 

Paratransit and Information

  • For drop offs near 201 King St. the best possible location would be the parking lot located West and South of our building. 
  • There is a major bus stop that is just down the street on King St. that can also be an option for paratransit.
  • Our accessible ramp/door is located on the westside of our building that would be needed for entrance into the building  

Accessible Parking

  • Accessible parking spots are located in the lot at 186 King Street 
  • Learn more about Accessible Parking Considerations from City of London here 

Vehicle Parking   

Outdoor parking lots located on King (between Richmond and Clarence)

Located at 189 King Street on the south side of King, about 15 metres from our front doors.  

Accessible from King Street Only

Monday to Sunday: 
6am- 6pm: $3.00 each 30 minutes ($9 day maximum)
6pm- 6am: $7 evening flat rate. 

Canada Wide Parking Lot:

Phone #: 1-877-392-5146
Located at 301 York Street on south side of York across from RBC Place

300 parking spots

$6.00 Mon-Sun 6am-6pm
$6.00 Evenings 5pm-6am

Please note: The above listed property is up for sale – Not affiliated with RBC Place London and they claim no responsibility regarding violations and tows. Use at your own discretion.

Citi Plaza Parking Lot North and South Garage Underground:

Phone #: 519-433-7511
Located in Citi Plaza across Wellington Street

1,500 parking spots

$13.50 Monday-Friday 6:00am-6:00pm
$6.00 Monday-Friday 5:00pm-5:00am
$2.75 per half hour
$6.00 weekend rate (for first 8 hours + $2.75 per additional 30 min)

Accepts cash only
*No overnight parking*