Introducing something different

We know what you're thinking. What on earth is a Solutions Lab? Social change doesn’t occur by doing the same things we always do. Change occurs when we introduce something different.




A solutions lab model uses the advantage of diverse perspectives and voices to explore and test solutions to big problems and needs in our community. You can think of it like a potluck for ideas: everyone brings something valuable to the table, and leaves feeling fuller than before.

The London Life Solutions Lab is a state-of-the-art facility with boundless opportunity. A space for problem-solving where change-makers from all sectors can intersect, step out of the box, and take risks together to create transformative change.

Our model is an effective process of achieving goals in a collaborative setting.

We use diverse perspectives and voices to effectively address and articulate community challenges like poverty, youth unemployment, mental health, or economic development. Then, explore and test solutions to tackle them head on.

Equipped with the latest creative, decision-making and collaborative equipment, our technology and products leverage impact to cultivate a place where ideas spring to life and flourish into hard-hitting solutions.


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