January 17

I am beyond excited to be taking the role of Director here at Innovation Works and consider it an honour to be attached to the trail-blazers before me.  The planning has created our blue prints, our DNA.  The house has been built with careful selection and firm adherence to our guiding principals.  Most of the...

December 03

It’s been about six months since Innovation Works London opened. It’s a co-working space dedicated to social innovation. It’s an incubator for creativity. It’s a collection of people and organizations dedicated to social purpose work.

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November 19

If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what an amazing beautiful space Innovation Works is. This marvelous building in the heart of downtown London didn’t just pop up overnight.

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November 17

For Irina, the Innovation Works space has enabled her to expand her business network and continues to invigorate her own collaborative spirit!

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October 20

The Community Animator's role is to to choreograph the social and physical environment to turn coworkers into collaborators... enter Sienna.

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September 20

UnLondon and Innovation Works join forces.

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August 25

Imagine a day when organizations whose primary mission is social impact use business plans as their road maps.

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August 04

The Government of Canada wants us to collaborate to inspire innovation in Canada; that’s the kind of thinking we here at Innovation Works love!

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July 25

That was a Grand Opening to remember! Innovation Works’ Block Party on Wednesday July 20th claimed to be the biggest block party in London and boy, was it ever. 

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July 15

Participate in our crowdfunding effort and help finance the next phase of renovations at Innovation Works.

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July 07

Is your organization making some big changes? Before you do, take a look at our list of Top 10 things to consider when you need to shake things up!

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June 14

“London is ready for this. To watch this dream that started in a living room become a reality is beyond words.” 

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