Community Animations

What begins as a group of people looking for a place to work becomes a community

Community Animation is exactly what it sounds like: bringing the community and their ideas to life. We can place a group of strangers in a room, stand back and see what happens, or we can plan social gatherings and create opportunities that encourage them to connect. We can let new ideas sit idle, or we can develop workshops that will help tenants nurture their ideas.


Culture Club

Here at Innovation Works we believe that co-creation is the way to go. We work with our co-tenants to create the culture, programs and activities they want to see in the space. Our culture club meets once a month to ensure we are living and breathing our values, welcoming new co-tenants and planning the activities and events that keep this space alive. 

Salad Club

Leafy greens are not only good for our bodies, we know that sharing a simple meal comes with a whole other set of benefits. Every Wednesday our co-tenants bring a protein or a produce and we put together a colourful buffet where everyone gets together over the lunch hour. Salad Club not only provides much needed nutrients but allows people the opportunity to get to know one another, explore the work that others are doing and share stories.

Wine Down

Changing the world is hard work and we know how important it is to kick back, relax, and “Wined” down. On the first Friday of every month our social innovators get together for a glass of vino (or whatever your beverage of choice is) to connect with one another for a few laughs and a much-deserved break.

Consultants & Coffee

Consultants and Coffee is a group of sole proprietors, consultants and coaches that meet quarterly in the space to share information about the work that they do, learn from one another and build a network of support. Consultants and coffee is very informal and a terrific opportunity to build connections and find people you might like to collaborate with for future projects.

Health & Wellness Collective

The Wellness Collective is exactly that - a collection of caring individuals who care about the wellness of others. Participants come from various backgrounds, experiences and skill sets but are all commitment to ensuring the well being of every mind, body, heart and soul on this planet. Coming soon! Wellness Tuesdays at Innovation Works.

Socialpreneur Chats

Join the Pillar Social Enterprise team on the last Friday of every month from 9am - 11am in the Innovation Works commons for Socialpreneur Chats! This is an opportunity to meet other social entrepreneurs, connect with our Social Enterprise Coach, brainstorm ideas and begin tackling challenges.

Community Animation creates a culture of participation. It is an offering, not a requirement, allowing tenants to dip in and out of the community in a way that feels comfortable and natural to them.