Salad Club

July 24 - 12:00 to 1:00
McCormick Kitchen, Innovation Works
201 King Street

What is SaladClub? An Opportunity to Get Your Salad on and Socialize!!

Step 1: Wednesday morning put a produce or protein of your choice into a fridge in the McCormick Kitchen (2nd Floor!). Don't worry about cutting it up (we'll take care of that!) just put your greens, carrots, apples, cucumbers, bell peppers, grilled chicken, hardboiled eggs, chickpeas, tofu, etc., in the fridge! 

Step 2: Come back to the Kitchen at 12pm on Wednesday to enjoy a delicious salad bar and community building with other co-tenants! Hang out for as long or as little as you would like! 

P.S If you don't want to get your salad on (i.e already have a lunch) feel free to come to the 2nd floor kitchen and hang out!