Sometimes its good to just be direct. So here goes. 

We need your help. We need 33 more responses to reach our goal of 100 responses to our survey in an effort to have a meaningful result that we can share with the world.  

LiisBeth is an fast growing Canadian-based online feminist business magazine and community that serves a growing community of 2000+ edge-walking entrepreneurs worldwide. Essentially, feminist entrepreneurs are people (of any gender) who found enterprises which work to advance gender equity and social justice and aim to operate their enterprises in alignment with feminist values such as agency, fairness and inter-independence.

This year, we decided to launch a "BIG" survey. It's an effort to capture a bird's eye view of views on feminism, plus what the feminist entrepreneurship community cares about and is working on collectively. We know YOU ARE OUT THERE!  And we would love to do more to surface this community's work. We also want to know what we can do to contribute to and further strengthen this community.

This survey takes about 12 minutes.

And please note that we are only interested aggregate data--not individual results. We also know your time is super valuable. So we will be sharing this report right here--on this website and at the Centre for Social Innovation--we ar aiming for late February.We are Also offering a 10% discount on our one of a kind super cool "Feminist Entrepreneur T-shirt! To order the shirt, go to I WANT A SHIRT!. The discount code is LIISBETH10.


To take the survey, just click here:

Thank you so much for your participation.  We see it as a gift and will pay it foward. 


Petra Kassun-Mutch

LiisBeth founder, publisher