Hey Social Innovators! 


Come join our team for a free masterclass webinar: 

 "How to Build The Right Audience Without Resorting to Traditional Salezy Tactics that Don't Work."


We'll delve into the 3 big secrets to building your audience (hint: You don't need a HUGE audience to have BIG impact!!!). 


Our mission is help you succeed and have bigger impact in this world! 


 When Is this taking place?

  • Wednesday, Feb. 6th @ 11am EST

We've learned all of these secrets the HARD WAY... but you don't have to.


Come and join us and save yourself countless hours of testing, struggle and pain 'experimenting' to find your right audience. 


Did I mention this is a FREE masterclass :)


We want to share these secrets with you because we want you to maximize your impact and get further ahead in your business journey. 


What would it mean to you to get one really die-hard, dedicated customer that really loves and support your mission? 


Isn't that worth an hour of your time?


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See you there! Amy