Stumbling in to Social Innovation | a word from Julia Dominika Latacka

March 03
Growing up in London and attending Western University, I thought I knew everything that was going on in the city. Little did I know that there was a new co-working space focused on social innovation down the street from where I was working.
I was first introduced to Innovation Works during a networking night for my Masters of Management program at Western. The purpose was to give us students some experience networking with co-tenants and other users of the space. That event changed my life. I instantly fell in love with the setup and knew Innovation Works was meant for me. Having a space designed to connect individuals, specifically those passionate about social innovation, was something new to London, but was needed.
After connecting with Sienna, she introduced me to several co-tenants that were working on projects focused around my interests; the environment, sustainability, health, and entrepreneurship. To be honest, the concept of social innovation was new to me. I had always wanted to make a difference within my community, but lacked the support and resources. That’s why being introduced to Innovation Works was how I stumbled into social innovation in London, and am forever grateful for that networking event.
So many amazing things have come from my interactions at Innovation Works. I am now part of their Desk Exchange Community Animator (DECA) program, where I volunteer 8 hours once a week, and in return, get full access to the space. During that volunteer time, I get to work on several different projects for the space, while also meeting many passionate, driven, and like-minded individuals. When I’m not volunteering, I use the flex desks and café area to work on school assignments, and personal projects. Through my connections, I have also been given several opportunities, including a summer internship working on a project that perfectly aligns with my interests and passions.
I am a strong believer that things in life happen for a reason, and being introduced to Innovation Works was one of these magical moments. My experiences so far have been extremely positive, and I am so grateful to be associated with the space. It is truly a supportive environment focused on connecting like-minded individuals, generating thoughtful discussions, and fostering creativity and collaboration. I am very excited for the future of Innovation Works and hope to continue my involvement during its growth.