Project Manager Paulette Soscia Bids Innovation Works Farewell

January 25

Our former Project Manager, Paulette Soscia


After years of searching, the perfect building was found

The team was assembled and the task before them profound.

The first person I met was a man named Paul

A long-time construction guru who is also very tall.

I knew his company by name and was told he was a man of great style

He welcomed me with kindness and a very warm smile.

He helped us through many meetings of looking at plans

Bringing them to life would require a lot of hands.


Anne the designer, planned every meticulous detail

Searching for bargains so we wouldn't have to pay retail.

She spent countless hours looking for just the right furniture and lights

Her vision translated to a space that was beautiful and bright.


Which tenants would reside in this magnificent space?

Enter Andre who could easily sell the magic of this place.

His passion and energy were second to no one

He had a way of making the sales process easy and fun.


Aside from beautiful, the tenant experience had to be great

The technology requirements would lead to a ongoing debate.

Thank goodness for Laurie,  who's experience she would share

T o make sure the IT would be far from bare.


So what would we name this great building on King?

"Innovation Works"  was the concept that Andrea would bring.                    

The vision included a logo and a campaign called "I'm IN"

We launched it with vigour and many agreed it was a sure win.


The communications plan was hatched with Lore as the lead             

Through the launch party and subsequent social media posts, a frenzy it would breed.

Word got out that we were the place to be

Many people toured the building to have a look-see.


None of this could be done without lots of money

Enter Albert our fundraising expert who is also quite funny.

His target kept moving higher and higher

But his creativity and passion never did tire.


It was Lena who made sure the spending was kept in line

She poured over spreadsheets to ensure the business model worked just fine.

She spent so much time helping in every possible way

She did this all, without any pay!


A project like this takes a strong team and leader

To ensure that,  even with barriers,  our success did not teeter.

So a big tip of the hat to our fearless chief Michelle

And on that note, I bid you all a fond farewell.



- Paulette Soscia