Get out Get IN: One Innovators Solution to the At Home Office Blues

December 01

Innovation Works intern Kiera Dorman sits down with Chaun McLellan of 201.SOLUTIONS to discuss how social innovation has helped to invigorate hisentrepreneurial goals, access to resources, and networking opportunities.

K: Most tenants consider Innovation Works to have a certain ”vibe”? What has your experience been during your time here?

C: I would call it more of a pulse than a vibe, and it’s very strong! The physical space itself is highly functional and very cool. As many have said, this building has great bones, but really it is the people within its four walls that give it the vibe anyone would love. I have had friends come to visit and they feel it as soon as they walk in, everyone wants to work here!

K: How has Innovation Works enabled you to expand your personal and professional network?

C: As a newcomer to London I didn’t really know anyone, in just a short few weeks I knew a dozen people by name and could chat with them. On a professional level, I have been able to fulfill my needs of service to support my business right here within Innovation Works. I now have someone editing my blog posts, another person is doing a website for me, and another is helping a friend of mine find a job here in London. It’s been amazing, and I know this is just the beginning.

K: How have Innovation Work’s services, programs, events, or other initiatives helped you to engage in collaboration and idea generation with other individuals, tenants, or organizations?

C: One of the things I love the most is the social events, whether it’s Salad Club Wednesday or Wine Down Friday, you know you will be surrounded by great people. I have spoke to individuals who are consultants in different aspects of business, and learned a lot in just a 10-minute conversation. Personally, I am really enjoying talking to individuals within the space about what social innovation really is - it’s very powerful, and I know I have only touched the surface with the individuals I have spoken with. I am confident I will be somewhat of an expert a year from now after many Wine Down Fridays have passed.

K:  What do you find exciting about Innovation Works that you would want to tell a prospective tenant?

C: Working from home sucks, productivity is brutal, and spending your entire day in silence is just not necessary anymore. Literally, you can start working here at Innovation Works for less than five dollars per day. I can’t even imagine working from home ever again. I come to you from the entrepreneur side of things, and if you want to make things happen you need to be around people that are doing just that. The power of this place is incredible - I have sold more new business in the last 6 weeks than I have all of this year. I am so excited about what is yet to come and I would encourage anyone thinking about it to just jump in now and be part of the founding group of co-tenants.

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