Digital Marketers 44 North Graduate from Innovation Works

August 21

By Sarah Rogers and Sean Meyer

For any business, company, or organization, it’s essential to get noticed and stand out from the crowd.


The question is, how do they showcase their services, specialties, and star qualities?

The answer is 44 North.

A full-service digital marketing agency, 44 North Digital Marketing offers everything an organization could want — and things they didn’t know they needed — to create a strong online presence, increase a company’s visibility, and ultimately, generate success. The company’s mission is to put its clients on the map.

Digital marketing strategist Corey Shelson founded 44 North in 2014.

Corey — who has a master’s degree in business administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in computer hardware engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada — launched 44 North in Barrie where he was successful in building a reasonable client base.

In 2016, life took him to London, which is where he found Innovation Works.

Being a relatively new business, he couldn’t afford the risk of signing an expensive long-term contract to have his own commercial building. The co-working environment of Innovation Works was a perfect fit.

Corey describes Innovation Works as “casual-professional,” an inviting environment offering the perfect balance between “cool vibes” and “getting down to business.”

The fair price points and low-risk one-year contract allowed him to feel comfortable and confident when taking off on the next leg of the 44 North journey.

“It had all the right features — board rooms, furnished offices, printer privileges, open meeting spaces — and the central, downtown location was just what I was looking for,” Corey said. “I needed a place to build my business without constraints, and Innovation Works allowed me the flexibility to do that.”

That said, it wasn’t just the space that sold Corey. In fact, it was the supportive staff, community culture, and just maybe the fresh coffee from Edgar and Joe’s Café, that made all the difference.

Calling the Innovation Works staff “remarkable,” Corey said he is amazed by how they’re constantly going out of their way to accommodate requests and to ensure co-tenants feel valued in the space.

“They are fully invested in supporting the tenants, helping them to network with other businesses, and make sure that they are genuinely cared for in the space,” he said. “And, of course, the Edgar and Joe’s staff are always great. Their coffee and breakfast wraps have definitely become staples in our diets.”

As for collaboration — the company’s bread and butter — 44 North has made many meaningful connections with other Innovation Works co-tenants.

They even sub-contracted their office neighbors, SixFive Interactive, to do some video marketing they needed for a client.

At the start of their first year in London, 44 North had leased a small private office on the second floor of Innovation Works. Fast forward one year later and Corey now has five full-time staff, several part-time employees, and he operates the company out of a large private office on the base floor.

If the company found its footing at Innovation Works, then graduating to the next level is seeing it move on and into a space of their very own.

Corey acquired what will become 44 North’s new home back in February and it has been undergoing renovation ever since.

“Two years ago, I wasn’t in a position to buy my own building. But these past two years at Innovation Works have given us great momentum,” Corey said. “Our goal for 2018–19 is to have eight full-time staff, and to double our revenue yet again.

London will definitely start to see more of us. We are going to be making a lot more noise in the near future.”

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