What begins as a group of people looking for a place to work becomes a community

Community Animation is exactly what it sounds like: bringing the community and their ideas to life. We can place a group of strangers in a room, stand back and see what happens, or we can plan social gatherings that encourage them to connect. We can let new ideas sit idle, or we can develop workshops that will help tenants nurture their ideas.


Partners In Good

Our founding co-tenants came together in the "subterrenean suite" of Innovation Works to co-create the culture, programs and activites they wanted to see in the space. Armed with props that showcased their innovative spirits, these early adopters - our Partners in Good - had to explain the virtues of social innovation to an evil dictator who'd taken over London and banned innovation forever. It was a night of co-creation, collaboration and making connections. 


Tenant Toast

The day we took posession of the 2nd floor of Innovation Works, before we began tearing down walls, we invited our founding co-tenants to gather and break open a few bottles of bubbly to toast our future as a co-working, co-creating, co-living community. 



Social Innovation Exchange

Once a month, cross-sector innovators, entrepreneurs and collaborators are brought together to have vital conversations about key issues impacting our city. The 2016 Exchange discusses a different topic each month, led jointly by Pillar Nonprofit Network and London Community Foundation.



Community Animation creates a culture of participation. It is an offering, not a requirement, allowing tenants to dip in and out of the community in a way that feels comfortable and natural to them.