Our Team

A look behind the scenes


Loredana Wainwright, Director

Lore sees the impact of social innovation daily in her role as Director of London’s only co-working space intentionally designed for social innovators.  Formerly supporting emerging and existing social enterprises in London running this social enterprise is a natural fit for Lore, encouraging co-tenants to connect and spark ideas and drive change into the world Fun fact: She is a yoga junkie and has been known to succumb to copious amounts of watermelon at any given moment.

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Caleigh Atkinson, Communications & Marketing Assistant

Caleigh is a marketing professional who specializes in social media. She has a passion for bringing her creativity to life through marketing and graphic design. Caleigh’s main focus is social media marketing for Innovation Works but also helps with Pillar’s communications. She aims to amplify all of Pillar’s efforts within the community through her graphics and innovative marketing strategies. She hopes to garner more interest from the London community to become Pillar members. In her spare time, you can find Caleigh binge-watching reality tv with her Golden Retriever, Sadie!

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Roman Mechkov, Innovation Works Coordinator

I am a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a double degree in accounting and political science. I also hold a post-degree diploma in not-for-profit management from Western Continuing Studies and am excited to utilize all of my skills to help Pillar Nonprofit Network and Innovation Works! Beyond academics, I love to play tennis however that has been somewhat difficult as of late given the pandemic. In my spare time I like to watch a lot of movies, I love film, and fun fact, build LEGO sets or any 3D models. Building these sets and models are extremely rewarding once the entire construction is complete but can be a massive time sink if I’m not paying attention. My greatest aspiration is rather straightforward: I simply want to help as many people as I can throughout my career. It isn’t exactly one specific great aspiration but rather I aspire to be the best person I can be and to help those who need it most.

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Damilola Olowoyeye

Damilola is a mother and an entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping others and making them feel good. Her goal is to connect with her community and she aims to gain more work experience.

Aurelien Bonin

Originally from France, I came to Canada in 2007. Trained as a teacher, I am very interested in social finance and social enterprise. I hope to create efficient systems and structures to help the more vulnerable segment of the population (ASD and mental health). I am currently working at creating a turnaround fund to reward high school students for turning their lives around.

Michele Martin

Michele has over 20 years of experience in communications, public relations and marketing experience in health care.  Most recently, she worked at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) as Internal Communications Manager, Strategic Priorities and Lawson Health Research Institute as the Manager of Communications and Public Relations. Michele is looking to give back to the community and meet like-minded people at Innovation Works.

Reem Kambris

Reem is a Master of Environment and Sustainability student at Western University who strongly believes in the power of social entrepreneurship in weaving a more equitable tomorrow. She witnessed firsthand the impact of social innovation while completing her undergraduate studies in Lebanon, and she is delighted to support those engineering change for the greater good at Innovation Works.

Aneshwa Ghosh

Aneshwa is a qualified HR professional. Aneshwa is looking for opportunities to expand her professional network and to give back to the community. She is a double Post Graduate in International Business and Human Resources Management, with experience in the investment and oil & gas sectors, as well as in the nonprofit sector. Aneshwa is passionate about everything she does and is a successful self-directed financial investor! Having travelled across 4 continents, she is fond of history, culture and cuisine. A fitness enthusiast, she loves spending time exploring new trails in and around the city and is an advanced yoga practitioner. She’s outgoing and loves making new friends and professional connections. She is an animal lover and is crazy about her fur baby (an Australian shepherd).

Jason Jordan

London’s Animator for Greening Sacred Spaces. Will be working with Places of Worship to be more environmentally sustainable. 

Emma Baldwin

Emma is from Calgary, Alberta, and currently a second-year BMOS student at Huron University College and pursuing an honours specialization in Accounting. She currently serves as the Accessibility Commissioner for Huron University College Student’s Council and participates in mental health advocacy in Huron’s Jack.Org Chapter. Emma is passionate about creating an accessible and inclusive space, and looks forward to meeting more co-tenants in the space.

Linda De Bruyn

Linda loves working with people and helping them in the best way possible. Linda prides herself on her fun and outgoing personality.

Maureen Waller

Maureen has always loved working with people and spent many years in the hospitality business. One of the jobs that she loved very much was the 4+ years she spent with "troubled teenagers" at a residential facility here in Ontario. Maureen was there until government funding economies closed the facility.

Lynda Mgbemere

Lynda is currently enrolled in the Healthcare Administration Management program as a student of Fanshawe College. Lynda came from the Caribbean, the beautiful Island of Grenada (The Spice Isle). She just recently rounded up the pharmacy intern position before moving into Canada. Having had experiences in her previous volunteer positions, Lynda is hopeful and excited to share valuable time helping the community and creating a positive impact.  Volunteering has deepened her level of appreciation for multicultural approaches at the community level. The opportunity to effect positive change has been her driving force and the most attractive aspect of giving back to society.

Nicole Langdon

Nicole is a certified coach practitioner and the owner of Worn Edges. Nicole’s mission as a coach is to encourage you to reach goals, make change, and expand your possibilities. Shifting perspective and encouraging complete self-acceptance and accountability is Nicole’s passion. She is a strong believer that “the truth will set you free and the bravery to accept your piece in the truth, is the first step towards living your best life.”

Tanya Anderson

I have gone through a host of life experiences from general office work, co-running a scuba dive store and training center, training and working in outdoor and urban recreation, Director of Harbourfront Senior Program as it transitioned to a Board made of Senior Adults, and for the past 20 odd years I have been designing books, magazines, and other print media.

Innovation Works is a backbone initiative of Pillar Nonprofit Network and is governed by Pillar’s trailblazing Board of Directors.